From April 1- December 31, 2023- purchase of Anew Renewal Power Serum will be protected under a 15 Day Money-Back Guarantee. 

This 15 Day Money-Back Guarantee is valid only for purchases made through official Avon channels. Anyone unsatisfied with their skincare results may avail of the 15 Day Money-Back Guarantee and receive full reimbursement in the form of accounts receivable/AR reversals (when purchased through reps or branches) or e-wallet credits/gift card/voucher (when purchased online via official Avon channels)

Promo Duration: Money back guarantee shall be valid from April 1, 2023 until December 31, 2023 only. To qualify, each returned product must have been purchased from April 1- December 31, 2023.



1. Customers can return the Avon Anew Renewal Serum product if they are not satisfied with the product benefits and results.
2. Customers can return the product 15 days from the date of delivery.
3. In case of a free item with every purchase of the product, each customer must return any free item (if skin care product, must contain 50% content)
4. Return is valid only if Terms and Conditions are met.


1. Contents of the Product must be at least 50%. No empty bottles will be accepted. Our chat support will communicate with you directly to process your Change of Mind refund request, provided that you will be able to meet the product return requirement proof of evidence. 
2. For a refund claim to be valid, customers should take a picture and video of the Anew Renewal Serum beside a ruler, visible that it is at least 50% content. More than 50% is okay, but less is not.
3. Customers should also take a picture and video should there be any free item with the product with visible content inside the packaging. (if skin care product, must also contain 50%)
4. All transport fees related to the product return will be care of the customer.
5. If customer does not want to shoulder the shipping cost going to seller, the photo and video of evidence would suffice.