Mascara Masterclass - Brush up on the basics to level-up your lash game.

Mascara - a necessity or not?

Whether you choose to go full-on glam with chiselled contours or keep it low-key casual with a touch of gloss, what’s the one thing you simply cannot do without… the finisher that brings it all together? Yes, mascara! Still not convinced? Read on…


It’s a mood changer

Ever heard the saying… ‘Mascara makes everything better’? Think about it. You hit snooze way too many times, skipped your caffeine fix, traffic is a nightmare… but a coat or two of mascara before you step through those office doors has an extra spring in your steps and sway to your hips because your flutter… well it’s fanned away all that negativity! Say it with us… we may have 99 problems but our lashes ain’t one!


It’s a revelation

What about when you toss and turn all night and wake up to tired eyes because Beauty Sleep decided to switch roles and play Harry Houdini instead. Just swipe on some mascara and watch how it lifts your lashes for a fresh, wide-awake look in seconds.


It’s a lash transformer

Now for the pièce de resistance… it has the uncanny ability to wave its magic wand and do some awe-inspiring things to your lashes. You know… when it gives sparse lashes the ultimate volume boost, curls straight and stubborn ones into submission, and takes short lashes to skyscraper heights.


The verdict? Definitely a make-up must-have!


Choose the right one for you

But with so many out there, how do you know which one is right for you?


Take a breath, stand in front of the mirror and give your lashes a good once-over. What do you see? Are they thin with lots of gaps in between, straight and downward, or are they short and almost non-existent? Once you decipher your lash type and have a result in mind, it becomes a little easier to find the right mascara for you.


Here’s some of our top picks.


For classic, everyday volume:

If you’re into natural-looking fullness with a low maintenance vibe, this mascara is right up your alley. It will plump your lashes in one swipe without clumping, flaking or smudging - and thanks to its infusion of vitamin E and an Innovative Full Lash Contact Helix Brush, you will get maximum fullness, thickness and volume that doesn’t look overdone.


For instant length and epic volume: Legendary Lengths Mascara

If you’re craving total lash satisfaction, meet our best lengthening mascara that gives you up to 50% longer lashes without any flakes and up to 3x the volume without any clumps***. It also lasts all day without any smudges. Its secret? Next-generation polymers that add extra length to your lash tips; and an InstaLength brush that separates and defines like a dream.


For dramatic lift and curl:  Avon Color No Limits Insta Lift

If you’re wondering which mascara is the best to lift and lock your lashes into place, say hello to this beauty. Thanks to its Lift & Lock Triple Set Formula that lifts even the most stubborn and straight lashes; and an exclusive Lift FX silicone brush with a curved design that latches onto every lash for maximum lift from root to tip - this mascara will give you up to 4x the lift****, 3x the volume*****, 24hour hold****** from the very first swipe.



For the 5 most wanted benefits in one mascara: Lash Genius Mascara

If you’re tired of wasting money and looking at an overcrowded make-up bag, all because you really want volume, length, lift, definition and color in just one swipe, you really need this multi-tasking marvel. Its Smart Control Brush catches, lifts, stretches and separates every single lash to lengthen, define and lift your lashes; the quick-glide gel formula coats lashes from root to tip for volume you can’t help but love; and the deep, carbon black pigments give you amazing color intensity.


Now that you’ve got your eye on the prize, here are 10 tips and tricks on how to apply mascara and remove it right.


#1 Start on a clean slate

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser to remove all traces of dirt and any excess eye make-up.


#2 Invest in a primer

Swipe on eyelash primer from root to tip to lengthen and strengthen your natural lashes and to boost the benefits of your mascara.

#3 Whip out your curler

If you like a little extra curl to your lashes, use an eyelash curler after priming and before applying your mascara. This will help nourish your lashes and hold the curl in place for much longer.


#4 Glam up your eyes

Apply your eyeshadow and eyeliner before your mascara to avoid unnecessary clumps.


#5 Refrain from pumping

We’re all guilty of this but pumping your mascara may dry it out faster. Just pull it and twirl it.


#6 Get rid of any excess

Wipe off any excess mascara from the brush before you touch your lashes. It’s a great hack on how to make mascara less clumpy.


#7 Start at the bottom

To avoid any smudges on your upper lids, apply mascara on your bottom lashes first, then the upper side of your top lashes, followed by the underside.


#8 Don’t wait between coats

If you want to apply a second coat, apply it quickly after the first coat to prevent flakes and clumps.


#9 Keep those smudges at bay

Shaky hands? Don't Fret. Even the pros get this. Take your time in applying and if there are still smudges - gently remove with a makeup remover or wipes. Practice makes perfect!  

#10 Remove with ease

When you’re ready to get rid of your mascara, just soak a cotton pad with an eye make-up remover, place it over closed eyes for a few seconds and gently wipe it away.


And voila! Masterclass concluded. Basics in the bag.

*Based on a clinical efficacy study with 16 participants​

**Based on a consumer study

***Based on a clinical efficacy study with 18 participants

****Based on an in-vitro study

*****Based on a clinical efficacy study

******Based on a 1-week consumer study with 120 participants