Heart Evangelista empowers women to be comfydent as the new face of Avon Intimate Apparel

Heart Evangelista empowers women to be comfydent
as the new face of Avon Intimate Apparel
With years-long passion for innerwear, Avon shapes women who shape the world
Heart Evangelista is the ambassador for Avon Intimate Apparel—now including the NEW 360° Comfort System

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Avon, the no. 1 Intimate Apparel in the Philippines, unveils global fashion icon, Heart Evangelista, as its new ambassador for Intimate Apparel. “This is my first undergarment endorsement, and I am proud that it is with Avon, a brand that celebrates all kinds of bodies and reminds women that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. Excited to show you how I style this new collection,” says Evangelista.


Aligned with Avon’s values, Heart embodies a woman who embraces her power to carve her path, shaping the narrative for women. “Heart doesn’t just embrace her own story, but also empowers others to do the same. She’s an encouragement for women to embrace their uniqueness and confidently chart their paths. Together with Avon, let's continue to shape a world where every woman is empowered to write her story and embrace her power,” says Anna Garces, Head of Marketing for Avon Philippines and Asia-Pacific.


As a woman who embraces her uniqueness, Heart is the perfect person to endorse this new line, showing women everywhere that they can also shape their world, regardless of societal expectations. The message she sends is clear: every woman has the power to shape her story, just as she has done.

Heart’s presence in Avon reflects the brand's newest innerwear collection as it not only offers comfortable innerwear but also champions the idea of the collective, coming together to support and celebrate each other while claiming their power to shape the world.


All-Around Comfort with #360ComfortBras


Avon Intimate Apparel is renowned for celebrating diversity by providing high-quality products that are the perfect fit for every body and made with materials that last.

With the new revolutionary 360° Comfort System, Avon’s latest collection ensures that women can feel comfydent in their own skin. The newest Intimate Apparel features all forms of comfort and evolves with the changing needs of women – it’s made of a lightweight, soft, and smooth fabric that’s breathable for all-day relief. It comes in essential colorways in versatile silhouettes that flatter every body type. Made with high-stretch materials that allow women to maximize freedom of movement while shaping and supporting the body snugly but not too tightly.

Sweating will be one less of your worries as its breathable and quick-dry fabric carries sweat away from the skin when the day gets too hot allowing you to do so much more without any discomfort. Women can wear it, forget it, and focus on conquering the world.

Together, We Shape The World


With its recent innovation, Avon not only offers comfortable innerwear but also stays true to its mission of creating a better world for women, which is a better world for all.


Avon debuts Heart in a night of style and music, through a benefit fashion show and concert that aims to provide a platform for women to embrace their power, own their narratives, and strut the runway with Avon Intimate Apparel’s 360° Comfort System collection. Strengthening its advocacy, all proceeds from the event go to partner organizations that support breast cancer awareness and the fight to end violence against women and girls.

The fashion show for a cause features an all-women ensemble of singers, dancers, and real-women models, among others. Headlining the show are performers Kiana Valenciano, Deny, Peaceful Gemini, and spoken word artist Beverly Cumla.


Together with Avon, Heart invites women of all ages, genders, shapes, and sizes to celebrate their uniqueness and be comfortable in taking control of their stories. With Evangelista leading the charge, Avon Intimate Apparel proves that when women are comfortable embracing their power, supporting and uplifting one another, the possibilities are limitless.


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