Face serum: What is it? Why experts swear by it? Why shouldn’t you avoid it? Why will your skin love it?

Undecided whether to invest in a face serum? Fret not. You’re about to get a crash course on everything you need to know about face serums and which one a skincare expert says you absolutely must have as part of your skincare routine.

The dream

Imagine going through life without a care in the world; being able to mature whilst defying gravity; enjoying baby-soft skin in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond; fine lines and wrinkles staying off your radar instead of living rent-free on your face… you get the picture… sweet, sweet Utopia!


The reality

This seventh heaven Picasso we just painted isn’t that far-fetched if you make great skincare choices early on. Let’s keep it real. We’re all ageing. As we get older, our skin produces less collagen (a type of structural protein found in our skin that helps give it firmness, strength, and elasticity), causing wrinkles and sagging. Our skin’s natural exfoliation process also slows down, affecting cell turnover. If you want to see quicker results, you need to put your skin cells to work and help speed up the rate that your body produces new skin cells.


The saviour

Cue, your skin’s knight in shining armour - face serums. These beauty boosters are highly concentrated cosmetic treatments that are infused with a potent dose of active ingredients, peptides, and vitamins. Made up of small molecules, serums can penetrate deeper into your surface skin for faster absorption; are formulated to address specific skin concerns, help combat multiple signs of ageing and give you visible results in a fraction of the time.


Concisely, serums go beyond basic skincare, and is a non-negotiable in your quest for healthy-looking skin, at every life stage.


The old myth 

So, we’ve established what a serum is and why you need it… now the big question is… which one is for you? For years, retinol was thought to be the holy grail of skincare, the elixir of youth, the collagen booster, the salve to all your skin’s woes. I mean, it’s proven itself and gained a seat at the table… but there’s a new powerhouse ingredient at the helm and it’s proven to help smooth lines and give skin a firmer appearance even faster than formulas containing retinol* - Protinol™ Technology**.


The new truth

Protinol™ Technology is one of our exclusive, award-winning, patented ingredients that gives your skin a dual-collagen boost. We’re talking Collagen I and Collagen III - the secret to your skin’s strength, health, and baby-like bounce.


“In testing, Anthony Gonzalez, Head of Care at the Avon Innovation Centre, “found that it not only provides amazing results on sagging, firming and wrinkles but it is also gentle on skin and can help balance out the things that may aggravate the skin.” Another reason why he finds Protinol™ Technology so exciting is that “it can help stimulate the production of better-quality collagen, for benefits at a magnitude and speed we’ve never seen before, while also being kind to your skin.”


The power serum

We know what you’re thinking… how do we get our hands on it?! Here’s the plug… Anew Renewal Power Serum.

 Anew Renewal Power Serum

Powered by Protinol™ Technology, this top-rated face serum helps restore the look of years of collagen loss, giving you 7 powerful age-defying benefits in 7 days***. We’re talking… smoother-looking skin, intense hydration, reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, a firmer look, increased radiance, stronger and more youthful-looking skin. It also infuses skin with Niacinamide for a brightening boost.


Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s the receipts. Gonzalez said,” In our testing of Anew Renewal Power Serum, on all types, tones, and ages of skin, 100% of women showed results on multiple signs of ageing, proving the power of the breakthrough ingredient. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing something you’ve developed in the lab, be made accessible to everyone, and knowing it’ll work for all.”


Trust us, this anti-ageing serum is going to be your new favourite skincare product. All you need to do is swap Anew Renewal Power Serum with your regular luxury serum and see what happens!


The skincare routine

Purify your skin: Cleanse your skin every morning and night using a gentle face wash and warm water. This will help remove any dirt, make-up and pollutants on your skin’s surface that cause it to appear more aged. A clean slate also helps subsequent products to absorb more easily.


Double up on the good stuff: This face serum pairs perfectly with Anew Renewal Power Eye Cream as it also contains Protinol™ Technology. Use it after cleansing and before the serum to instantly blur and brighten the look of your entire eye area***; leaving the skin around your eyes looking less puffy, fresh, and well rested***; and dramatically smooth and reduce the look of wrinkles; whilst intensely hydrating too***.


Treat with serum: After cleansing and using the eye cream, massage one pump of the serum all over your face and neck until it is fully absorbed. Do so every morning and evening.


Complete your routine: Follow with your Anew day or night moisturizer.


And… that’s a wrap!


*Based on a historical comparison of clinical testing results across internal Avon formulations containing retinol as compared to formulations containing ProtinolTM.

**Protinol Technology is one of Avon's many skincare breakthroughs. With 135 years at the forefront of beauty, it's also the first beauty company to use stabilised retinol and introduce stabilised vitamin C in serums.

***Based on those that expressed an opinion in a consumer perception study

****Based on a consumer science claim


There you go… the 411 on all things serums. Make the right choice. Invest in Anew Renewal Power Serum now. We promise, you and your skin will love the results.